Hollywood Cannabis Tour (2.5 hrs)

Visit a High-End Dispensary.

We’ll start our tour with a visit to CCCN, a favorite of locals for its wide variety of products. Whether you’re looking for edibles, flower, dabs/wax, concentrates, CBD or any other type of marijuana, you can rest assured that CCCN has what you’re looking for! Plus, all GreenTours guests will enjoy a special 10% off their entire purchase in addition to a 50% tax break from the dispensary’s owner.

Experience one of SoCal’s only licensed Cannabis Grow facilities.

Next, we’ll swing by the grow famous for creating the strain Skywalker OG! Here, you can get up close and personal with the cultivation process to learn firsthand how marijuana is grown for sale and consumption alike. Plus, be prepared to come with questions for the master grower who oversees the entire production.

Smoke like a pro.

We’ll then have a leal California smoke sesh at America’s FIRST Cannabis restaurant, OG Cannabis Cafe, where you can kick back and enjoy a smoke, edible, or whatever it is you fancy! This lounge is a welcoming space for those who are cannabis connoisseurs and those who are just canna-curious. Choose among a wide range of cbd-infused treats prepared by OG’s head chef Andrea Drummer

Hit Up Hollywood in Style.

After leaving the cafe, we’ll cruise through Hollywood, home of arguably some of the best weed in the world! On our scenic drive, you’ll be able to take in all of the glitz and the glam of the Burbank movie studios and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

California is an iconic hotspot for its marijuana friendliness, and there’s no better way to enjoy your herb than on our exclusive Hollywood tours.  Our guides are prepared to teach the proper ways to roll all types of joints and blunts, or set you up with a steamroller, bong, or dab rig.

“Ride in High Class with  GreenTours.com

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Average rating:  
 32 reviews
by Sydney S. on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel

So much fun! Got real high & met some cool people

by Lisa M Delgadillo on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel
Awesome Tour

It was an amazing tour... Stoner Rob was frickin Funny as hell! So make sure you are on his tour bus... Sorry, Ryan... Stoner Rob is hysterical !!

by Danielle C. on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel

Amazing tour!

by Ryan Reeves on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel

Badass host and amazing host. Learned a ton about weed. Glad we chose Greentours. Will definitely book again when we're back in town.

by James O. on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel

Stoner Rob was our tour guide and it was amazing. Ryan tried to sabotage us a couple of times but it's cool. The entire tour was amazing and I would do it again only if he was the tour guide. Definitely not Ryan.

by Dominic J. on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel

My girlfriend and I had a great time. Stoner Rob was a fantastic host. There were times when I thought I would die of laughter. He was also very knowledgeable on the grow information. Good time would recommend, if stoner Rob is the host.

by Luba on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel

It was a very high Level tour
Super gemacht

by Londay White on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel
Green Tours

Great tours would recommend to anyone i know who comes out to L.A.

by Christina Betancourt on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel

For how this tour is decently short, got so much done, and the smoke stop was amazing with Rob cracking jokes making it hard for us to smoke laughing

by Henry Sanders on GreenTours, Dispensary, Travel

Hollywood high is so awesome, reccommend it so much!

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