Smoke and Feast $109: Nov 25th-28th

What happens when you pair THC-filled Cannabis buds, purchased at a discount from MMD!, with mouth-watering cbd Thanksgiving Dishes from a celebrity chef? You guessed it – a non-stop food fest that’s filled with delicious terpenes and lip-smacking food. is going all out this Thanksgiving by unleashing one of our most enjoyable tours yet.

If you’re on a diet, then this tour might not be for you. After indulging in cannabis which is known to fuel a severe case of the munchies, be prepared to devour amazing dishes made by our handpicked celebrity chef.

Just how cannabis generates a feeling of well-being towards each other, we’re taking this feeling of goodwill a step further. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’ll also hold a food drive to generate awareness about those who don’t have enough to eat. All of our guests that provide a can for the food drive will receive a special gift as a token of our appreciation for helping those in need.

“Ride in High Class with