Green Slay Ride $89: December 18th-24th

Are you ready to get into the Christmas spirit? Hop on our bus and get ready to see a whole lot of green. Green Tours is turning the usual tour bus into the green slay ride, where you’ll enjoy the famous Christmas Lane Lights where we can spread our holiday cheer.

Before we head to the Christmas Lane Lights, we’ll first load up at our preferred dispensary MMD, where you’ll have the chance to find incredible cannabis-based products. While you’re with us, you’ll enjoy a discount that even the Grinch would jump for joy for.

From there, you’ll get a chance to see what it’s like to cultivate thousands of cannabis plants at a licensed grow facility. Seeing so much green will keep you in the Christmas spirit, and your senses will be overloaded with joy from the sheer amount of THC.

Lastly, we’ll visit the famous Christmas Lane Lights, where you’ll wander in awe at the sight of so many incredible displays of color. The mood will be at its apex, and you’ll feel incredibly close with your fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

“Ride in High Class with