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The Ultimate Guide to Cannabidiol

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabidiol by Zack Perdue November 18, 2018 Originally published at Nuvelio.com Along with the legalization of medical marijuana, Cannabidiol has become all the rage on the market. Better known as CBD, it is an extremely popular remedy used for common ailments. CBD is derived from the flower of hemp or marijuana plants. Although legal […]


Bongs for Boomers!

Nearly 13% of Americans 50 and Older Admit to Smoking Weed And Most Have Tried At Least Once A new study published just over a week ago in the online journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence suggests that the tide may be turning in the way older Americans view marijuana. According to the study, which examined data on […]

Instagram Censors Cannabis Influencers

Instagram Deactivates Two Popular Cannabis Influencers Users Push Back and Demand Answers More than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling for Instagram, a global social media platform with more than 1 billion users, to update its terms of service to allow cannabis advocates and influencers to post content without censorship. The petition has been spearheaded by […]