7-10 Oil Event - Las Vegas Tour

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The 7-10 Oil Event – Las Vegas provides an opportunity to get a glimpse into Las Vegas cannabis culture.

Visit high-end dispensaries, Grow Facilities.

Tour Highlights

Visit the world’s largest dispensary

You’ll start your tour with a visit the world’s largest dispensary, a favorite of locals for its wide variety of cannabis products. Whether you’re looking for edibles, flower, dabs/wax, concentrates, CBD or any other type of cannabis, you can rest assured that our dispensary partner has what you’re looking for. Make all your purchases tax free at NuWu dispensary.

Experience one of the top licensed Cannabis Manufacturing facilities in Las Vegas

Swing by a Manufacturing facility famous for creating iconic cannabis brands. Here, you can get up close and personal with the manufacturing process to learn firsthand how cannabis is manufactured for sale and consumption. Be prepared to come with questions for the scientist who oversees the entire production.

Visit WingKing a CBD infused restaurant & 2016 cannabis cup winner

When Brian was 15 he developed epilepsy. Unfortunately, the only thing available for seizures were barbiturates which have tremendous side effects & never stopped his seizures. After moving to Las Vegas and discovering that cannabis helped control his seizures he was able to get off all Pharmaceuticals and has not had a seizure in 10 years.

YET when he smokes cannabis to Medicate, his culinary side comes to life.

In May of 2002, WingKing opened his first restaurant. A hole-in-the-wall food court offering about 20 flavors…. 8 years later he has fed millions of people & has been featured on the Travel Channel, Food Paradise & Brealtv Magazine. WingKing was voted #1 wings in the state of Nevada, Top 20 Wing Restaurants in America by Thrillist.com, & named the essential wings of Las Vegas by Eater.com.

In 2016 knowing how much cannabis benefited him medically he decided to launch his own line of of CBD which can be purchased at the time of your order allowing customers to infuse their own meal . In 2018 Wing King became the first restaurant in America to offer CBD Infusion.

Shop & Smoke in Style

This stop also includes a perfect bake session, where you can enjoy any products bought at the dispensary or anything you’ve brought along.


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