420 airport pick up in a style that only GreenTours.com can provide!

$ 75 per person

(minimum of 2 guests)

From arrival to departure, GreenTours.com has you covered. We will pick you up in a 420 style that only GreenTours.com can provide. Our tour guides are cannabis professionals & influencers that are deeply knowledgeable.

The first stop will be MMD – the dispensaries & cannabis shopping centers that are credited with the origination of the Sky Walker O.G. strain, as well as a multi-year Cannabis Cup winner.

Then we will make sure that you have access to smoking utensils of your choosing, such as papers, blunts, & bongs, etc. – (bongs will be an additional $30) and give you the list of the major cannabis events going on during your trip. LA traffic can be like Carmageddon, but our drivers turn the nightmare into your 420 dreams. Easily jump into our ride and kickback.

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7days a week 24/7